WWYD if you caught your child smoking?

Kids will try things out to be "cool", and one of those things might be smoking cigarettes. How would you handle it if you caught your child smoking or with cigarettes?

Neither of my kids have tried it but if they did I would be SUPER disappointed. They know how hard it was for me to quit and we talk about what a nasty, stupid habit it is. Fingers crossed, I hope that is enough.

    I would be so mad! There would be some form of punishment. My Dad is on oxygen full time and can barely walk to the bathroom because of the years of smoking and he's only 59. I would probably make them go take care of Grandpa for a day.
      My dad's cough is so nasty. My dad has been like this for almost 3 years. And he STILL smokes. He has to do breathing treatments everyday, several a day. He went from being fairly active despite a bad back to just one day sick, they thought he had a massive heart attack but it was all from smoking.
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