Can I have? Can I have?

Okay, here's a vent, let me know if you can relate.

I'm not poor but I am not well off either. I do okay for my kids and myself.

It seems like my teen has gotten it in her head though that I have endless amounts of money. The first thing she asks me today is if she can have a skateboard. "If I find one cheap enough..."

NO! Just NO kiddo! I spent a ton of money on vacation, things are going to be a little tight right now. I am not buying you a freaking skate board that you will likely ride for one day and then toss it to the side.


Anyone elses kids have the "Can I have?" going on?

Oh, and I told her no and to go away since I am WORKING. And of course that garnered an attitude. I will be hiding in the bathroom today for all of our safety.

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    Heh, I used to do that with my kids. I thought "Oh they won't be the type to expect things all the time."

    I was wrong. Somehow they got mixed signals in the brain that they should have what they ask for.

    Sigh, they really are good kids I'm just annoyed over this whole skate board thing. She drove me crazy on vacation about it, wanting to check every single store we passed on the board walk for one and then begging me to buy one for her she found in a shop.

    I don't want to hear about the stupid skateboard anymore. She can't even ride one but she's obsessed with getting one.

    Get a JOB kid.
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