Pregnancy symptoms the SECOND time around?

So I am curious, for the Moms out there who have had more than one pregnancy, were your pregnancy symptoms similar with each pregnancy or was each pregnancy completely different for you? I had one miscarriage before I had Tristen and I had no symptoms until I lost the baby. With Tristen I was sick from almost the moment I got pregnant. What was it like for you?

    8Theresa Gould
    For the most part yes, but there were slight differences among them all. With my fourth pregnancy with our first son, I was the sickest with nausea and actually lost weight. With my last, I had low iron and was much more tired. Those were the two with the biggest differences.
      See this fascinates me because you would think it would be the's the same hormones and everything...but some are the same and some are different. Very interesting :-)
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