Having sex while having stress - need your tips)

Well, I'm in permanent stress now same as my hubby - he had moved to other city because of his work, and we have big problems with our parents in Ukraine... and so one so one... There are tones of reasons to be in stress all the time. So, even when we are home together - we are so tired that all we want is just to watch some movie and sleep. I mean... no sex, just hugs)).
He'll back home today and I'm gonna welcome him the best way I can - I just love him, you know. But I really dont know how to destress myself and help him to relax also...
Need your ideas, ladies, how do you handle your love life while hard times?

    Sex is a great way to get out stress! Push yourself to do it even if you don't want to. You will probably feel better after sex, it will releases hormones that will make you feel better. Get creative and make it fun!
      I'm sorry Mariya. stress can make so many things difficult. However, sex really is important and although so hard for me to engage in at times when I'm stressed- It is said to be a stress reliever.
      Since your husband is returning home today,not sure if you will be alone or not for his arrival but if not-things can be changed some to make it work. Here's an idea:

      Have a favorite meal or dessert of his prepared/ordered for dinner etc. Take some time to pamper yourself whether by getting your nails done or doing them yourself and painting them. Take some time on doing things to make you feel pretty no matter what they are. Because if you feel pretty-Your demeanor reflects it and that is a very attractive feature a man can see. Next, find something to wear that you feel sexy in (again if you feel sexy it shows-And what is sexier to a man than his woman looking AND FEELING SEXY?) Be sure to add an accessory or two to go with it, possibly some earrings, necklace.......and if you can add some heels. Have candles lit for the night enjoying dinner/dessert and keep them on soft music on in the background and give your Man a nice massage and loosen his shoulders up and let him do it for you in return . Let this be the start of a soft, sexy, evening engaging into each other without thinking of other things and let it go where it takes you.
      If you will not be alone, leave the sexy gear for later(even if it's a work shirt of his with your heels on :-).. and maybe instead doing this in your bedroom- dress up without him knowing/seeing) to give a nice surprise and enjoy a picnic on the floor with dessert or wine or both or anything of your choice of course and give each other the massages, share compliments, and be sure to kiss lovingly.

      Above all, be sure to wear your BEST ACCESSORY- Your SMILE! :-)

      Just an idea of course. hope it helps. :-)
        Sorry to hear about your stresses. I hope things get better soon. Maybe have a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. Warm bath. Shower together.. Massages. Massages can be very relaxing and erotic. Light some candles.. Dim lighting.
        Sex is probably one of the best releases when you have lot's of stress.
          I'm very interested in seeing these tips too, Mariya Kvitkovskaya. I know just how you feel. Maybe if you take some time to relax and pamper yourself... make yourself feel pretty, you know... with a good long bath/shower and maybe some body scrub, essential oils. Paint your toenails if you do that sort of thing, and dress up, even if just for a night in. I know feeling like a look better and am nice and clean and at least a little more relaxed helps get me in the mood.

          You can also try some horny goatweed... It's like all-natural viagra. And the fact of doing something fun and naughty like that can rev things up a bit too.

          Best of luck... Hope you get some time to relax, both of you.
            8Theresa Gould
            Hope you both are able to find time and energy for intimacy .
            8Theresa Gould
            I forgot to say that I hope things with your parents in the Ukraine are better Mariya Kvitkovskaya.
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