A good day for a spanking

Andrew is only 9 months but is starting to act up. This morning he wouldn't eat his food and all he had eaten was his bottle. I tried talking to him for 15 minutes telling him its time to eat now. And he still didn't listen so I took him out of his chair and gave him 3 spankings on his diaper. When I put him back in his chair he was a good boy and finished his food.Do you think that was being mean? Or do you think he needed it?

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      I am not for spankings in general but at 9 months food is still really just experimentation rather than for his actual dietary needs so it seems a little extreme to me. I know if my son doesn't feel like eating (which he will do in the evenings sometimes) then I don't push it right now. I prefer to reward positive behavior and tell him what a good boy he is if he eats. I try to keep it fun.
      They can get distracted easily at that age also as some others here have said. Try taking a break if he isn't interested after a few minutes and trying again a bit later. He might not have been hungry.
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