BF Question Moms!

Who is still breast feeding? how old is your baby?
How old was your baby when stopped breast feeding? was there a reason you stopped?

    I just stopped breastfeeding last week. My baby is 22 months old and I barely had any milk and she needed formula due to her small size. It was a rough week of getting her to wean but she is doing great now and my body has adjusted. It is sad to be done since she is my last and happy since I have my body back.
      My daughter was partially breastfed and partially bottlefed (breastfeeding was a nightmare for the first few months) until she got the hang of breastfeeding. Then she was weaned, without a fuss at 15 months. She and I had a mutual agreement that it was time. My son took to breastfeeding like a champ and was weaned at 12 months because of my health issues. He would still be breastfeeding if it were not for that!
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