Which child was born the most quickly?

Hmm....my third was pretty fast. I was only at the hospital an hour.

My fifth came in one push, though I had labored most of the day on and off.

My seventh the midwife didn't make it to!

How about you?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    7Malena Hall
    It depends if you mean total labor #5 it was 2 hpurs 29 minutes start to finsh

    If you mean pushing stage only it was #6. My water was still intact when I began pushing on hands and knees. (Note with all my other my water was broke by the dr. This birth was a midwife and we had decided to wait for the water to break on it's own) anyway, I began to push and my water broke, I asked "was that my water?". My birth assistant said "It's coming" to me "rech through if you want to help" and guided him into my hands. I say he was about 1/2 a push.
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