Uh Oh, lol words that sound like something else.......

I can't help but smile, chuckle under my breath or be surprised when a new word comes out of my son's mouth because he just sounds so cute as he's learning, not to mention his little accent at times. Sometimes he suddenly chooses to add a "y" or "sy" at the end of a word. Example "truck" becomes "trucksy". Not so sure where it comes from as Daddy and I never did a lot of baby talking. So yesterday morning while filling his morning cup of milk- I heard him say "Sexy". I couldn't help but become wide-eyed and ask him "What was that Love Bug"? and went right to where he was sitting to see what he was looking at exactly, He said it again. I couldn't help but sigh as he referred to a #6 magnet while placing numbers in order. He has been counting and saying his alphabet for over a year now so I would have never put the two together since it was the first time he decided to add his ending to the #6.

Let's just say, today while running a few errands in the store as he called out the aisle numbers, I definitely had heads turn and some uncertain looks. LOL!

Have you experienced any surprises? Please share :-)

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      lol oh that's so funny...... lol
      Yes, my son about a year ago used to try to say sticker and not sure how he would instead say "--cker" (f-word) I used to always try to sound out "sticker" for him until he got that one right . That was a MAJOR surprise to us. And def. no one gave me any nice looks in the store when he got those stickers and would be excited yelling it out loud..... but what can I do he's learning his pronunciation.... lol
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