This old brain is fried! BUT I passed my math test with 100%! Glad THAT is over! Math is the worst for me...I swear math is created by right handed people and for right handed people...my left handed brain just wasn't made to work that way...it's all backwards to me and worked from the wrong sides. If I could work things from the other sides of everything I just KNOW it would be so much easier! It's like when people tell me to go right and I go left...left IS my right! Lol

Oh no! Totally by right handed people! It would make WAY more sense if it was worked from the opposite side and lined up on the opposite sides...it just doesn't look correct the way it's done. lol
Ok well that has nothing to do with left handed or right handed...I blame algebra on men. Men love to take something simple and make it as difficult has humanly possible! Lol
But of course I am! Lol
When in doubt...blame it on a man! Hahahahaha
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