Busy Busy Busy!!!

It's been a few days since I've really posted anything on here. Quite frankly my whole routine has been put on hold lol. Wednesday night, Clara's allergies started acting up and she's been basically sick since then. I think she's starting to get over it but the post nasal drip is the worst because it makes her cough all night and all morning. But the allergy medicine is doing its job and that's good. I'm hoping maybe today we can spend some decent time outside as long as her nose cooperates lol.

Also, I went to my "working" interview Friday at 7:30 AM. The director basically said it's to evaluate me and make sure I'm a good fit. I was in the 1 year old class for 4 hours. It was awesome! My first experience ever in a child care environment and it was great! I was still a little nervous because I don't know all their policies and procedures so I mostly just played with the kids and got to know them. I got lots of hugs and attention lol! I went home about 12:30 that afternoon and the assistant director told me than HR would contact me if they want to hire me. I have pretty high hopes for this. If I get this job, I can finally start working towards a lifelong career, away from retail lol. This is the break I've been waiting for for a couple of years now.

I kind of fell off the wagon in my diet too though. Yesterday and Friday were so busy that I just couldn't resist eating bad stuff. But today is a new day and I'll just have to learn to manage my time better. I might also start journaling what I eat and do throughout each day so that I can keep control of my time better and how I eat.

Well, that's been my week lol. How was everyone else's week?

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