How to hold a slippery baby for a bath?

When I was making my registry, I looked for all sorts of contraptions to help ease my fear of bathing a baby.

I am a grade A klutz, I trip over flat ground... So I'm reasonably worried about bathing a slippery, squirmy baby.

I found a foam sort of baby bath that goes in the tub to help keep them still, so I can only hope that will work.

But I know I'm not the only one with that anxiety... How'd you ease your fears and make bathtime fun instead of a hassle? And specific gadgets or ways of holding them?

    We had a bath seat that didn't work for me at all, to give her sponge baths until the cord fell off and healed well, I held her and gently cleaned a little bit at a time with her body laying on my legs while I sat in the tub. Once she was able to take baths it was a lot easier and baby isn't as slippery as you think they would be. Take your time and don't fill the tub up too much.
      I used the foam cushion on the bottom and sat my daughter on that and held her head with my left hand and washed her with my right hand. It's scary at first but you will get use to it quick. I would play the radio so it would keep me calmer & her calmer also. ✿
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