Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Hey gals. I ran across this on Pinterest and thought I'd share, I know everybody is always asking about ways to curb morning sickness.…

    That's so funny that she mentioned everything smelling bad. I walked into my work place and I swear it smelled fetid, like sewer lines and burnt plastic. No one else could smell it. I spent a whole lot of time in the bathroom before my doctor yanked me out for bed rest. What an awful pregnancy I had with my daughter, lol.

    One of the thing that my doctor told me was that my morning sickness would be worse if my blood sugar dropped. If I wasn't eating at all and vomiting up everything else I was definitely at risk for having blood sugar crashes. He recommended I find a hard candy that I could deal with and suck on it, at least for the sugar. I found I could tolerate some flavors of Starburst and that was all I ate for months.
    With my oldest I survived on tums and those caramel candies for a few months. I know the feeling. :)
      Loving all the natural remedy posts! That's definitely the way I prefer to do things. Great advice. Thanks for this.
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