Random, I Know...

But I finally did it today. After reading many articles on theprayingwoman.com and thinking about it so much, I finally deleted my ex off of my email account and deleted all our history. I had already deleted his phone number and such a long time ago but I kept his email just in case he changed his mind but now I know it's better to completely let him go. I'll still miss him, but I know deep down it's really best that we just never talk again. I'm more excited now about my future and everything else going on and I know someday I'll find my prince charming but it's not him. And I think I'm strong enough now that if he ever came back, I could tell him no. I would tell him it's in the past and it's never coming back. And I feel really good, honestly. I'm glad I was finally able to let that part of my past go :-)

    Congrats on your strength, Dale! I applaud you for all the awesome changes you've been making lately.. Seems like you're really on a roll.
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