New here looking to meet moms in my area. We live in
Montgomery, AL. I have four wonderful children and am a SHM.

4EricaMontgomery, Alabama
    Hi Erica! Welcome to moms.com, I have 1 daughter and i'm a SAHM too.
      Thanks ladies. It's nice tho meet all of you. I don't really like living here. I was raised in Atlanta so it's really slow here. But my husband is from here and he doesn't have plans on leaving... no matter how much I beg...lol.
        hi I see u have not been on here for sometime as I have not either. I live in Montgomery too and have a toddler and 5th grader with another baby on the way. I too am not happy with mtgy., al but I don't want to move so I am making the most by getting in Real estate but anyway. So at home mostly while my husband works until I complete my license. If u ever get back on here send a message, blessings to u and ur family.
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