Grades don't matter!

One of my daughters friends is going to drop out and take his GED instead of getting his high school diploma. I am floored that his parents seem to be just fine with this. They own a plumbing business and the son plans on becoming a plumber and working for the family company.

I'm trying to understand their thought process, but I really can't. His words were "Grades don't matter. I'm going into a trade!"

But what if that doesn't work out? Wouldn't it be better to have something to fall back on, least of all a high school diploma?

Am I crazy here?

    Sounds exactly like my ex boss. He's 28 and just an awful person to be around. He went to college after highschool because he didn't want to be a part of the family business (the luggage company I used to work at). He went for audio engineering. Has his degree and everything but he didn't want to do the intern work so he left and came to work for his father. It sounds like people do this because it's easy money (family businesses usually mean definite hire and good money) and they don't feel like they need to really try for anything else. My ex boss probably didn't mean a thing in the world outside of his family's business. Nobody knew or cared who he was. He was just some college grad trying to make it in the music industry and he knew it would take years before he really started making any good money. So instead, he quit and just went to work for the family. But you can tell he regrets it and takes his anger out on everyone every single day. He hates working for his family, even though he won't say it out loud. It's sad to see but it happens, especially when parents allow it to happen. It sounds like her friend's parents are not very supportive of his academics and don't care too much about what he does after high school. If parents don't show interest, children tend to lose interest as well.
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