What a relaxing day!

My son gave me a wonderful gift today that he took 2 hours of nap! Normally, he would sleep for 40 minutes. Surprisingly, he took a long nap today.

I grabbed the opportunity to take a nap while he's napping. I have to admit that it was so nice to take a short nap without any interruptions. My husband came to get our son from the crib and put him on the couch where I was sleeping. My son, of course, had a crazy grin on his face because he likes to wake me up and laugh. It is so typical of him.

I enjoyed the relaxing day and I happened to look at pictures from newborn to now.. It is so amazing to see how much he have changed from newborn to toddler in little time. I am sure that you guys felt the same way as I do.

What is your favorite memory with your kid when she/he was born?

    Ahh.. the little things! :) Her giggle was my favorite thing. Oh, and when I'd sing Happy Birthday to her.. her little chin would start to shake and she started to cry. It was pretty funny. hehe
      Aww, sounds like you got a well needed break, mama! It's amazing how a little comfort like a nap can help our outlook for the whole day.
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