so i talked too my husband last night about everything that happened and you know what this man says? I AM UPSET THAT I WASN'T WITH YOU BECAUSE I AM SURE THEY MADE YOU FEEL SCARED AND I WASN'T WITH YOU TOO COMFORT YOU AND REASSURE YOU THAT WE ARE GOING TOO BE OK i love him so much because i was expecting something totally different from him made my night i am feeling like i can accomplish anything now so we are moving froward with this pregnancy YAY!!!!! now that that's out of the way i can just focus on me staying healthy and positive i do thank god that i have such a wonderful husband cause i don't know what i would have done if he felt a different way it would have been a long road so we are just going too pray and stay positive THANK YOU LADIES FOR YOUR PRAYS AND ADVICE :) we have a road ahead of us but we are willing too give this pregnancy a chance especially when there is a huge chance of everything being ok

kandiUtica, New York
    That's awesome!! *hugs*
      Awwww see...those men just can't be figured out sometimes :-) that was very sweet of him. It's a great thing to feel loved and protected by the man you love huh? Sounds like you found one if the good ones. I'm glad your talk with him went so well :-)
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