How did you decide who to invite to the wedding?

Weddings can be a HUGE pain in the rear to plan. One of the hardest parts is deciding who gets an invite.

Because we just wanted close friends and family our invites were kept to a low number. Yes there were people who weren't invited. No I didn't mind having to leave some people out. We just simply wanted a small ceremony.

Here's an idea from the news that I found, just put it all out there on Facebook!…

    My first wedding I would have loved to be able to draw the line.. But I didn't know how to stand up for myself and it quickly turned into a wedding for my ex mother in law. My second wedding I would have loved to have more people my family, but because nobody could get it off (including my parents), the only ones that came were my sister and kids. But at least I had somebody there. We had planned on doing a reception the next year for everybody...but we have never gotten the money. I much preferred the small, intimate, close family only wedding versus the big 200 people (if not more) wedding.
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