Is this too soon...

So we are planning a week-long vacation to Hawaii next year (without children) and now I'm starting to wonder if it's too soon. Shiah will be a little over two years, but I don't know if that's still too long to be away from us. She would be with my mother and two older siblings...what you do you thing?

Is this too soon...
    Hi Melinda. A week can seem like forever to a toddler, maybe you can do face time on the internet with her, try using skype or face time through an iphone... I would bring my daughter with me but that's my choice.
      I love Lindsay's idea of doing a facetime. But I think at this point you more than deserve a vacation. She'll be fine, especially since she'll be with family where she's already familiar with everyone. I think you should go enjoy yourselves!
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