Have a green period... reusable menstrual cups.

My friend turned me on to the idea of reusable menstrual cups because they worked so well for her--she said they left her feeling much healthier down there.

I love the idea of only having to fool with my period once or twice a day and not constantly wasting money on tampons too.

I tried disposable soft cups, but was not a fan... but I think I will be buying a Luna cup, which is a slightly harder plastic that you just have to rinse, sometimes only once in 24 hours.

I've heard great things about the Diva cup too.

This woman made a great instructional video on how to use it, because one common complaint is spilling when you remove it.. Here's how to get one out without a mess.
(Don't worry... she uses a glass lol!)

Have you tried soft cups or reusable cups? Do they work for you? Would you try one?

    I have been using a Diva Cup for many years and I love it! I hate pads because they make me feel dirty and cause skin irritation. I never realized that tampons caused my cramping until I stopped using them. The Diva Cup is easy to use, clean, and cheap. I highly recommend it!
    Thanks, Katie! You may have just pushed me over the edge to buy one! Just curious, do you use the special cleaners for them or do you just use antibacterial soap? I'd prefer to not buy the cleaners, but if they make a big difference, I might.
    I didn't use any cleaners or soap at all. I was worried it would upset the pH balance in the vagina or cause irritation. I washed it with very hot water each time I emptied it and boiled it after every period. It never required more cleaning then that.
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