I am considering changing my Child's Doctor

I am considering going back to another pediatricians office. We relocated due to my husband's career to a small town. All other doctor choices would be outside of town at least an hour drive. Though I could go to a family practice in town even though I do not like them very much. My main issues with current pediatricians office is scheduling. I could make my son's next wellness visit before checkout at current office visit. However the past few times there is usually an excuse for why I can't not make one. That I have to call 4 or 6 weeks for now to have one scheduled for 3 months from today. Most of the office staff is friendly one is very rude and called me a liar. After I asked her yesterday to reschedule an appointment. She made just added a new one and the old appointment was still listed. Would have been for 2 days apart and they have high fees for no shows or late. One of the doctor's advice seems outdated and I stopped following the add rice cereal to baby's bottle when my baby was either 2-3 months old. Billing department makes mistakes.

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    I'd definitely change... It does not sound like you're having a good experience there.
      Rice Cereal? That is extremely outdated. I would double check to see if there are any private small practice doctors in your area. Some of them won't be listed by your insurance but will take you.
        OMG's I would change dr right away! It might be an hour drive but its probably totally worth it! I changed our son's dr when he was maybe 2 months old?? maybe 3? He had a low fever and a rash and with out seeing him or anything his old dr said to go to the ER! She wanted us to have all these tests done for him to get cathed and do more tests. Being a new mom I didn't know. We got to the hospital and Nurse Bob took care of us. He told me that technically he didn't have a fever. 101.3 isn't a fever in babies I guess. He told me to give him a little lick of tylenol and to go home. After waiting around the ER for an hour and NOT being seen by any Dr we walked out. I thanked Bob for all his help and we were out. But because of all that and all that she wanted us to do with out even seeing him or talking to me I filed a big complaint with the clinic and the Dr and triage nurses and switched Dr's.

        It can be something big or small if your not happy I would for sure switch.
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