How often should I change baby bottle/nipples

I have been giving DD exclusively expressed breast milk, so baby bottles have been a big part of our household. Off late i have started to feel the bottles look a little white, should i change then? Also should i stick to the same close to nature bottles or anything would work ?


    If you put a little white distilled vinegar in the bottle and fill the rest with hot water then let it sit for about an hour and wash well and scrub with a bottle brush it should get rid of the white on the bottles.
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        Hopefully Amy's tips will help. I've always heard you shouldchange nipples for each child rather than store them, but never heard of needing to change them for the same child unless they are obviously worn out.

        If you get different ones, i think it just depends on the child what kinds they will take.

        Hopefully you won't need to though if you use the vinegar tip.
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