Does your household have any allergies?

Food allergies seem to be on the rise. We went through a scare that my daughter might be allergic to peanuts, but she came back negative on the test. We don't know what it is that caused her to have an anaphylactic reaction at this point, so I keep an epi pen on hand. Luckily she hasn't had a reaction so severe that Benadryl wouldn't counteract it so far. It's still scary though, not knowing what it is that causes the reaction.

Do you have any food allergies in your household?

    I'm still learning ours.. The kids and hubby are mostly lactose. Eva has a beta carotene allergy.. Depending on how much she gets it's anything from diarrhea and boils on her bum, to trouble breathing (that was not one I wanted to find out in the car from strawberry lemonade) and even puking. I have started a list, though.
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