In picking a partner...

What was more important to you? Looks or personality?

I won;t lie, I need to be attracted to the person i am with. They don't need to be movie star hot or anything, but without attraction I won't stay interested. That said, personality is a big factor. You can't be a douche bag.

So while they are both important, I hate to admit that I can't waver on the looks thing. If you are a nice guy but I'm not attracted to you it will never work.

What about you ladies?

    I've dated some guys that I'm sure other girls would probably question what I see in them lol. They weren't exactly the prettiest but here's my theory on it: if you're borderline decent looking, your personality will either help you or hinder you. If you have a great personality, that makes you look a lot better on the outside too. If you have a crappy or insecure personality, then it'll make you look worse on the outside. I'm all about personality more than looks. If you can make me laugh and keep me interested, then I'm gonna like you regardless of what you look like.
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