In the end, it really didn't matter

Okay moms of older kiddos, here's a question for you.

What did you stress out about when your kids were little that in the end it really just did NOT matter?

I was talking to a good friend of mine and we were discussing this topic. Mine was that I never wanted my kids to stay in the child care at the gym because I was afraid they wouldn't be cared for well.

So, instead I didn't work out as much as I could have, or I tried to rush and work out when I had time. Instead of just bringing them (and let's face it, they would have been fine!) I sacrificed doing something for myself that I would have enjoyed.

What do you realize that in the end, it really didn't matter?

    Melissa Middleton
    This one is silly. I wanted my son's first words to be "Mama" instead of "Dada." When my hubby told me his daughter's first words weren't, "Dada," I changed my mind and realize it doesn't matter. Of course his first word ended up being "Mum." Maybe he thinks he's British? LOL
    He now says "Da" or "Dee" for his Daddy. I get called, "Mum, Mumma, or Mummy."

    In the end, it wouldn't matter what his first word was (as long as it wasn't something bad). I hope the next one says, "Dada" first for my hubby's sake.
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