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Does anyone no if the Leap Frog stuff is good? I have had people tell me it is. My son is 2 1/2 would it be a good fit for him?

    I haven't tried it, but hopefully some of the other mamas on here have. I've heard it's pretty good as well.
      Both Leap Frog and VTech products are really good. They are the larger competitors to each other is seems, My son has a couple of products from each and he loves them. He will be 3 next month and we bought him the Vtech Tote and Go when he turned 1. It looks like a little orange laptop with a mouse. Although for ages 3-6, he loved it. It took some time to figure things out but he really loved it and still plays with it and truly has learned from it. From his 2nd birthday into Christmas he was given gifts of Vtech-Innotab 3s (basically a childs tablet- but kid proof and kid tough for dropping without easy damaging), the Leap Frog Leapster (similar to like a gameboy but kid proof), and also the Leap Frog "Scout" Stuffed speaking Puppy.
      He absolutely loves each of his learning toys. I'm not certain which product you are considering but they are all really great. and offer additional features you can customize for your child by logging on to their site and adding the free features and some additional ones for purchase. Scout is awesome as you can have him say your sons name, he sings songs, and he plays music you also have the ability to add a playlist of your own on him as well. My son takes him everywhere. :-)

      As far as the Innotab 3s which is the same as the Leap Frog leap Pad- is that they really have so much to learn from pre-school- age9. Some features may not be used right away b/c of age etc. but an array of cartridges are available for you to choose to purchase to add to his learning and fun games. They range from multi-learning cartridges offering problem solving, numbers, alphabet, songs, matching, music, etc. to some that just offer a couple of things and in different languages. Even better as they get older and use them you can load an application on your phone to track what they do on them and track their progress.The available internet features seem to cater to some older toddler ages but completely child proof. Only web searching they can do is educational and for those given ages on the product.
      I personally love them because it makes shopping easier for me as he enjoys playing games and learning on his tablet. Each of both brands have very educational products and I would say "YES" they are very good to have. I hope this information was helpful.;-)
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        My two teenagers had it when they were little and they enjoyed it and it really helped them a lot. So yes it really is a good thing to invest in.
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