Paying It Forward

This Saturday we decided to go to the mall and window shop with some extra time we had before a birthday party later that night. He insisted we go into a store a buy something for me of which I just was not comfortable with because it was a store out of our budget. He still insisted. So as we go in, off to the clearance rack i go. We found 2 tops we both liked a lot and luckily were significantly marked down. Mark insisted I get both although I was more comfortable buying one. I even suggested going to instead get one thing each rather than 2 for me. Still he insisted. As we wait in line we were just about to approach the cashier ready for us. The couple just leaving his post suddenly turned around and the woman hands me a gift card and said "There's still $40 on this, enjoy". I was completely dumbfounded and couldn't help but ask "Is this real"? The cashier smiled and said "Yes" as did the woman and the couple then walked away. I asked Mark to please pay as I ran after the couple. I asked if I could hug her, she smiled and hugged me and proceeded to say "Don't worry about it, enjoy". I returned to the cashier and the transaction was completed. We still had half of the money on the card left and we just didn't feel right keeping the remainder.
So we decided it was important to keep the cycle going, and went to the next person in line in front of the same cashier post and gave them the card explaining the amount left and to enjoy as well.
I was completely surprised and felt so amazed to have this surprise blessing offered to me, but nothing compares to the feeling to also do for others. We enjoy doing things for others and helping as we can- As Paying It Forward Can be done is so many ways. It is definitely something we plan to raise our son with practicing. How about you? Is this something you do or want to?

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