Did you dream you were pregnant while trying to conceive?

Our minds often takes what we focus on an plants it firmly in dreamland. While you were trying to conceive... did you ever dream you were pregnant or had a kid?

I've had tons of these dreams, and they are often extremely strange... Not like normal babies at all. Sometimes I've dreamed me and hubby have a little redheaded girl.

Did you dream, literally, about kids before you had them too?

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      I had a dream before I found out I was pregnant with Carter and then 2 weeks later found out I was pregnant with him, and then just these past couple weeks I've been having dreams that I was pregnant and I'm on birth control and My SO was going off on the drs for not taking it out while I was pregnant and what not, people in my family have been saying they all think I'm pregnant without me even telling them my dreams or anything. It's super weird!
        it was weird. and now to have the same dreams about being pregnant again and everybody randomly asking me and trying to touch my stomach and make jokes kinda makes me wonder, I mean I've shown new symptoms of pregnancy that I've never had while being on this birth control or before that time of the month, Lately all I do is eat eat eat, use the bathroom, my body is randomly really tired but my brain isn't and I manage to sleep all the time somehow, and Just yesterday we noticed how bad my face has broken out. Soo I'm taking a test this weekend if I don't start just to get the question out of the way.
          I also had dreams that I am pregnant and the next dream would be me giving birth. I am not pregnant, still trying to conceive but I have the dream to.
            i have been dreaming that im pregnant for a while and they are so real and vivid and then i wake up disappointed cause im not lol.. i know im dreaming those dreams cause i want to get pregnant. but we had to put the trying to conceive on hold cause my husband is deploying :(..so it better happen when he gets back.
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