All ready for school

The kids go back to school tomorrow. They are enjoying their last day of summer vacation and some of them are excited about going back but I also have a few that don't want to go back. My girls Emily and Sara are excited about going back to school, Emily is cheerleading for her second year of High School and also going to be playing volleyball again this year. It's mainly the boys that don't want to go back, Jordan, Jason and Aiden are all not too thrilled about school starting and want their summer vacation to keep going. Oh well I know I was always excited to start a new year but I can see where the boys are coming from too. We have everything all set for tomorrow and the kids will be starting their new school year. This seems early to me to go back to school, when I was in school we didn't go back until the day after Labor Day but got out in June, my kids start in the middle of August and get out before Memorial Day.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    Wow, that does seem pretty early. Hopefully the boys will enjoy it once they are there! I know for me, the thought of doing something is usually much worse than actually doing it.
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