Accident Prone

I think I'm in for trouble with this kid. She's only 14 months old and she's already suffered 2nd degree burns on her finger, a black eye, a deep skin infection, and a few days ago she got her hand caught in a sprinkler head.

We have a sprinkler system at our town house and the head is supposed to go back into the ground when they're done. For whatever reason this one was stuck up. Well, Avery found it and grabbed it. She put just enough weight on it that is shot back down underground... with her finger underneath it. Those things lock tight once they're down and I couldn't pry it back up. She was screaming and screaming. I pulled her finger out as gently as I could but it took off a good chunk of skin from her finger tip. She wouldn't let me put a bandaid on it or hold ice to it so it kept bleeding on and off all weekend.

I felt so bad :( it's healing now but I can tell it still hurts her. She usually sucks her middle fingers to self sooth and that's the one she hurt so she can't. Naps and bed time have been terrible...

How do you deal with an accident prone toddler?

    Ouch!!! Oh her poor little finger! I hope she's doing better now! Hugs! Selena has bonked her head a couple times on my chair and the crib once, she's learning how to walk so it's been a challenge baby proofing the house here.
      Oh OUCH!! That sounds super painful. I hope she heals up soon. You're going to have to wrap her in bubble wrap and put her in a padded room like my mom said she needed to do to me.
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