What to say to an indecisive baby shower host!?

My mom is planning my baby shower, and I was told that it was going to be the last week of September. The only problem is I feel like I should step in because she has not begun the process of giving out invitations or anything. Any suggestion on what I should do or say to her?? Is it a good idea to have a baby shower at a buffet restaurant? Will my host have to pay for their food?? UGH this is stressful!! LOL

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    That's a tough one... I really don't know, hopefully some of the women who've had a baby shower can step in and help you out.

    If the host is paying, I could see doing it at a buffet, but that sounds mad expensive. Is it the type of buffet you can't get into 'til you pay for your food? Some people may not want to do that.
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