Low Milk Supply

Hey everyone! I am breastfeeding and it's great. My only concern is my milk supply has significantly decreased when I pump at work. I was pumping approximately ten ounces in the six hours I'm at work. Now I'm lucky to get six ounces which isn't nearly enough for my little piggy. Any tips on how to boost it would be much appreciated!

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      WATER WATER WATER!!! Lol :) I nursed my daughter 22 months and hit the low supply a couple times. Stress definitely effects milk and not enough fluids. I practically (not literally) drank gallons of water and within 2 days was full and ready :) Now I have my son who is 7 wks and all I do is guzzle water everywhere! Not everyone is the same but it sure does help!
        I've heard production can be sparked just by the sound of a child crying... Could you take a video of baby crying when hungry you can listen to occassionally at work?

        Otherwise, Tracy Harrispretty well covered it.
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