This week is looking up!

So after our crazy weekend today is looking up! I had an interview today for a job working from home (it's project based so not steady income but it's at least something). I super streamlined my resume and so far I have gotten a lot of responses from companies. Before I couldn't even get a response and since I changed my resume almost every job I've applied to I've at least gotten a discription of the job and an email asking if I'm interested. Mostly jobs that end up being too technical for me but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere now.

Plus my husband called to let me know his boss at work is giving him a promotion and pay increase within the month and making him a lead because she is going to be hiring more people and she wants him to be their lead...and he's only been there a month and a half...I knew I married a smart man :-)

Plus we talked to my mother in law for four hours yesterday after not speaking for over a year. My husband was amazed because she kept telling me how smart I was and that I should seriously consider being a lawyer...made me giggle a little. We told her I was in school for medical billing and coding and she told me that when I am done she will help me get a job from home working for United Health Care because she has worked for them for about 20 years and works from home. My husband told me afterword that she NEVER compliments people unless it's her grand kids. And she has never offered to help anyone get a job at United Health Care...not even him. I guess our little war of words we had where I stood up for myself made her respect me. I totally wasn't expecting that. But I'll take it :-)

We still have all the same drama from the weekend but it helps to have some positive things going on :-)

    8Theresa Gould
    I need to update my resume. I've seen a couple lately that are really streamlined and sharp looking. Mine really looks dated. The thing is it is constantly changing!

    Congrats on the interview and your hubby's promotion!

    Great news about your mil too. Any step in the right direction is progress, right?
    Mine is SO streamlined now! It is less than a page! I went onto my Word program and just used a resume templet they had. I showed it to my husband last night and he made me email him a copy so he could steal the format from me. It's amazing what a difference it has made. Mine was looking dated too and when I did my new one I honestly just didn't feel like taking all that time. It took me literally about five minutes to do.
      That's awesome! Glad things are working out for you!! :)
        Congratulations!! I'm so glad tohear you've gotten some much needed positive in your life. :) Here's to hoping the trend continues.
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