Would you ever drug test...

Would you ever drug test your teen or tween?

If yes, what would be your reasons?

If no, why not?

    It is not child abuse to give your child a drug test.

    I think if you suspect your child is doing drugs you should test them for drugs. You can get over the counter tests from the drug store or you can go to your child's doctor.

    As a teen my mom tested me for drugs, I was horribly offended because she even though I would do such a thing. I was not on drugs and the test was negative of course. Now as an adult and mom I understand her reasoning and think she did the right thing.

    It is tough sometimes to make the hard decisions but it is your job as a parent to keep your children safe.
      It would depend on my suspicions... If I thought they were doing something like meth or coke or heroin... (which frankly, I think I'd notice without a test) I would.
        If one of my children were exhibiting signs that they may be on drugs I most definitely would test them. We are there parent, not a friend, they have plenty of those. Our role is to be there to support and guide them. Show them what is right and wrong. And if one of them are showing signs of being on drugs then it is our place to ask the hard questions, do some digging into there personal life and yes if we need to, have them take a drug test. They may get angry with us but that is ok. They will get over it ! If they are positive then it is our place to help them stop and educate them on the dangers of drug use. And if we are wrong then I would be happy to say sorry I should of trusted you. But then use that opportunity to see what might be going on in there life that they may not be sharing with us. Because lets face it if we are suspecting drug use then there must be a change in there mood, personality or day to day activities.
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