NICU mom and baby stories!

Hi moms, I'm currently writing an inspirational book about mine and other moms experiences in the NICU and about how their babies have overcome or are overcoming the odds! If you have a story and would like for it to be added into my book please leave me a comment!

NICU mom and baby stories!NICU mom and baby stories!NICU mom and baby stories!NICU mom and baby stories!NICU mom and baby stories!NICU mom and baby stories!
    Hi Maria! My daughter was never in the actual NICU when she was born. They call it a "special care nursery." She was in there for three weeks and was six weeks premature. She weighed 4 lbs at her lowest, but gained a full pound by the time we took her home on her 3 week birthday. She was only on oxygen for 24 hours, under bili lights for 24 hours, had a feeding tube for less than 24 hours. The only thing she struggled with was remembering to breathe while she was sleeping.

    She's my little miracle in a sense that I had HELLP syndrome. It's fatal to mom and baby if not caught and treated. The only treatment for HELLP is early delivery. My husband could have lost us both. I love reading other inspirational stories of little ones. :) I can't wait to read yours!
      My son was born on Christmas Eve at 3 am. When he was born he didn't cry loud at all. He barely even cried. He instead made a grunting noise. When his pediatrician heard it he immediately took him to the NICU. Where he stayed for the first 28 days of his life. He was diagnosed with PPHN, RDS, double pneumonia, infections in his heart and lungs, and he had a heart condition that caused his right side to do all of the work. He had to have a spinal tap two hours after his birth, several blood transfusions, three antibiotics, morphine, breathing tube and gas mask, nitrogen and oxygen tanks, feeding tube, bili lights due to him having jaundice on and off, two heart medicines that are normally for older patients, and another medicine to help trick his body into realizing he was out of the womb. At one point they told us to prepare for them to take him to Arkansas children's hospital and don't expect him to live! Now he's soon to be 8 months and shows no signs of ever have been that bad!!:)
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