Do you have a routine you follow each day?

As our little ones learn so much from us and prior to speaking learn more from our body language, reactions, consistencies, etc. Do you have a routine you follow in your daily life for your little ones to learn from? If so, what is your routine like?

    I'm pretty predictable, I would say. More so during the school year since I am a single parent. I have to try to keep things running smoothly.

    During the school year I get my daughter up first, let her get breakfast and a shower. Then I get Bub up, usually he goes back to the couch and falls asleep again. Mini gets off to school, I wake Bub up again with breakfast and cartoons. He gets dressed, eats and has time to watch cartoons usually. Then I take him to school.

    During the day I do school work or do my regular work. If I have neither to do I run errands or grab lunch with a friend.

    I pick Mini up and then we wait for Bub to get off the bus. Usually we do homework right then to get it out of the way. Then it's dinner, bath for Bub and relaxing before bedtime.

    Nothing all that exciting but we keep things moving pretty well like this.
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