Who does your child take after most?

Does your little one look like you, Daddy, or another family member? How about any personality traits or habits?
From the time my little man was only a few weeks old, I noticed his sleeping habits were so similar to mine, he was so young and I was uncertain if it was just too soon to really say. He is now almost 3 and just like me- gets hot very easily usually needing feet to be out of the covers or at least one leg out. He resembles me a little more than Daddy, but looks very much like my father. I've noticed how shy he can be and I was extremely shy when really young all the way through age 12 or so of which I can remember. How about your child/children? What have you noticed over the months or years?

    I'm still waiting for a kid that looks like me! LOL. My oldest does now that she's 9... But I think the rest are mini-daddys... My father in law still asks why I send him baby pictures of hubby.
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