First day of school is today

Well we're officially back into our school days routine. I had all the kids in bed early last night and went to bed around 10:30. I've been up since about 5:30 and got everything ready for the kids first day of school, everything went pretty good and they got up the first time I called them I thought that the boys were going to give me a hard time about going back to school since they are the one's that didn't want to go back, Emily woke up without me even calling her and was getting dressed when I was about to go wake her up, she was the most excited about going back to school though so I didn't expect her to give me a problem about it at all. I made sure the kids had everything they need for school and got them off to school. After I dropped all of them off I went and filled the gas tank up in the van, it was $3.29 a gallon so about normal for gas prices. Then came back home and have started a little picking up around the house while I entertain the 3 kids that are still here, Chloe started Preschool today and was excited about going to school, she's only going three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) this year and only in the mornings so I pick her up at 11:30, next year she'll go all day and every day she is only going in the morning this year. All my hard work of getting them prepared to go back to school paid off though, it's hard when you have an army of them to buy things for but we did pretty good. Our Anniversary is this Thursday, I can't believe Tim and I have already been married for 16 years, I love him to pieces.

I hope that you ladies are having a good Tuesday.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    Wow, congrats on being married for 16 years!!!
      9Michelle Fritch
      Thank you so much ladies.
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