Teens dealing with bad break ups

Well, Mini recently went through having her long time boyfriend cheat on her. As in, they were both virgins and he lost his virginity to another girl. I was so worried that she would begin to doubt her resolve not to have sex at her age (16) after having this happen but she doesn't see it that way at all. She just thinks he's a loser. It's sad, I liked this kid too. Oh well, this happens.

How do or would you console your teen who is dealing with a bad break up? We use some humor, I ask her questions about how she is feeling and there may have been some ice cream involved. And throwing around ideas of flinging cat poop at his front door (not that we ever would, it's just funny to joke about it).

Did your parents ever talk you through things like this?

    Melissa Middleton
    Aw, poor dear. I have not had to face that yet, but with one of my nieces and a nephew, I would make jokes to make them feel better because they would start laughing. My niece's son father was a total jerk, so I was happy when it ended. But, he said after they broke up he was joining the army. I told her, "I hope he gets a mean drill sergeant." It gave her a good laugh.
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