Delayed Cord Clamping vs. Cord Blood Banking

This is stemming off a post by Laura
Hubby and I were considering cord blood banking, until we found out the cost. WOW. After Eva came, we started learning about delayed cord clamping.
There is still a lot of blood left in the placenta after they are born, and the placenta will still pulse and give the baby their blood until empty.
Delayed Cord Clamping helps with the iron levels and breathing in newborn babies. Most of those whom I know that have done it, the baby hasn't struggled with jaundice.

So For those of you considering, here's a few articles to peruse.
The first two articles state the the cord blood bank needs 50 mls of blood, whereas if you were to give blood, they only take so much depending on weight. For a 6-8 pound newborn, that amount would be roughly 14 ml. That's a lot of blood.……

That's interesting.
With the next babe, unless I HAVE to be in a hospital, we aren't cutting the cord until all the blood is out. My sis just put a ziploc bag over the placenta then tied it off when it had drained everything.
Hospital policy says they can't leave the placenta attached longer than five minutes. So unless they change it.. We still don't plan on being back in the hospital unless necessary.
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