Your Career/Life Goals

I know we talk about our goals as parents and what we'd like to do with our children, but I was curious what your goals are as a person. Just as yourself. With or without kids.

I would like to continue to work in the human services field and eventually open up and run my own children's home for children of all ages who are in the system. I would actually love to open up more than one since homeless and fostered children are all over the US but I'd like to start with one and see how it works.

How about the rest of you? Any big goals you'd like to achieve in the next 10, 20, even 30 years?

    That's a good question... It's so hard to think of myself as anything but a mother. Geez... I am working toward my Associates degree in finance. Not that I think finance is that interesting, but because I want to get a degree in something, and it seemed like the most useful thing. My goal is to work from home, and I'm well on my way. I have talked to a lot of my neighbors and I'm trying to get a small group of kids to do my own before and after school program. I just need a couple of more kids and I'll be able to give my notice at my current full time job. I actually feel fairly content in my life right now, and I'm spending less time worrying and more time focusing on how I can make things better instead of focusing on the negative. It's a life changing way of thinking.
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