Religion as adults

Are you currently practicing the same religion you grew up with?

I grew up loosely Catholic (my family was, my mom didn't attend) and thought it was a beautiful religion. as I have grown though I found it's not the right fit for me. I am agnostic now.

How about you?

    Christian all the way.
      Hello Melissa,

      May I ask what made you decide to become agnostic?
      That could get really long, lol. I'll give you the short version though.

      First, let me say that I believe there is some sort of creator. I don't claim to know details, I don't even think I want them. That's the agnostic part of me, I just don't know details.

      I don't trust religion. I think too many deaths and wars have been caused by it. I think too much heart ache is caused by it in regards to people who stand outside of the "norm". I don't trust the Bible to be the word of any divine person or diety, I believe it was written by man, for man and that's where it begins and ends.

      That said, as much as I dislike religion I also find it captivating and beautiful. As much as it has a dark side it has a beautiful side as well. Such is life, right?

      I will never tell another person their thoughts or feelings on the matter are right or wrong because I simply don't know. I'm okay with that, in fact I feel very much at peace with that. For me though religion is not my path to follow.
      Melissa, it is obvious something took place in your life or someone else's life close to you that made you begin to feel differently toward religion. I personally can understand why some people change their point of view to a certain extent. Things happen in life at times to really make you think. At other times, things happen in such a way in which you don't have time to think about anything. Circumstances makes it obvious that there is a creator and not just any creator, but a creator that made it possible for us all to exist. Some may feel it is better not to believe in the bible for one reason or another. For others, it doesn't matter whether they believe in the bible or not because they don't have any intentions of living their life accordingly. For me, it is not about religion. I believe in GOD as my creator and source for living. Religion did not create me and it is not what keeps me alive. Therefore, I do not live my life based on 'religion'. That is what's getting a lot of people in trouble. At some point or another in life, we will all face circumstances or situations that are bigger than we are, and it will not matter whether you are religious or not; whether you believe or not. There is a source and reason for our being. That source (Creator) is the reason we have breath in our bodies and is able to live life as we do. This Creator determines your destiny, not your religion. Too many people are caught up in their religion and has no focus whatsoever on the Creator.

      I appreciate you responding Melissa. Please accept my apology for my late response. You have an awesome day.
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