Deathly afraid of dogs but loves cats please help :(

well my 10 year old daughter Meghan has honestly never liked dogs and I think it is 50% she is deathly afraid of them the other 50% she just does not really care for them I asked her why she is not to in to them and she said "a pet should be little fluffy and like under 2 pounds so you can pick them up and hold them easy" and I thought ok well that is a pretty good explanation but ever sense she was little when ever she saw a dog she would turn white like a ghost and be completely still until the dog was like 2 blocks away LOL but a week ago I kind of wanted a dog so I talked it out with her and she really did not want a dog so I said "ok but you can walk a dog and not a cat" and she said sure you can walk a cat and soo I said what do you mean you can't walk a cat but the next day for some reason we went to dollar tree and got a cheap extra small harness and a leash and put them on Treetrunk our cat and we took him out side and he just started walking just like a dog crazy well so now she takes Treetrunk for walks every day but a still wanted a dog so I thought maby if I get a dog in secret and then show it to her she will like it and that is just what I did I got a half grown bigger dog from the shelter so when Meghan came home after clay class they was a bigger dog at the door waiting for her it licked her hand and she turned a purplish collar and then passed out I was so scared then when she woke up 5 minuted later I took her to the doctor but she was ok but the doctor said she was in shock I mean really all over a dog so I did figure out the hard way no dog but I did take the dog to the shelter but I mean do you know Meghan would have this fear please tell me

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm sorry it didn't work out. Apparently, she's very afraid of dogs.

    My son is still afraid of dogs, as is my oldest, even though we have a dog. For us getting a dog did help some since they were able to kind of grow up with the puppy , he's only 2.5 years old, but again, they are still afraid of other dogs.
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