Baby food dinner

Here are some quick and easy recipes for baby's dinner to help get them sleepy.
Make banana and oatmeal cereal, also good for breakfast: Mash banana with for add oatmeal cereal and breastmilk or formula or water.
Lean ground Turkey and sweet potatoes: I cook the turkey and shred and cut the pieces or you can us a food mill, and add pureed potatoes.
Green peas and brown rice: puree the peas or mash with fork depending on age of child and how you want the texture, use a food mill or fork to mash the cooked brown rice, mix both together.
Steamed pureed spinach and lentils: steam and puree the spinach then add pureed or mashed cooked lentils.
These combinations are great for a full belly and a restful sleep.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Great ideas and they all sound so yummy...gotta get dinner going here...hoping there's enough leftovers!
    All that's mentioned she likes, her favorites are sweet potatoes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, chicken and steak, mango's, bananas and pears. She isn't picky which is really great and she eats well. What are you staring Monroe with? Selena had vegetables first: green peas, sweet potatoes and acorn squash, then we did fruit and we are still giving her new things once a week.
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