Last passport sent!

I got my passport sent today. Mine took longer because I am a Canadian, which has different requirements. The passport photo had to be taken at a professional photographer's and to be a specific size, completely different from the U.S. passport photos. That took nearly three weeks before I got it back. I also had to have a guarantor, which use to be as simple as getting a Notary Public to sign, but this time it had to be a Canadian, with a Canadian passport, and to have known me at least two years. Thankfully it could be a family member. However, all my Canadian family members are in Canada! That meant I had to send the info to my mom, which took a week to get to her and then she had to send it back. They had a holiday so I just got it back on Monday! Crazy things we go through for stuff like this! Anyhoo, my mom's friend just renewed her passport and got it back in 17 days, so here's to hoping mine will be back within a month's time. No definite plans to move but we are talking about just me or me and seven children going back to Canada to look at houses, etc. There's so much to do and figure out that I am still working through it all and making phone calls. Thank goodness for a good long distance plan to Canada!

By the way, my passport photo makes me look like it's my mug shot. My children said I looked like a criminal or a murderer and when my mom saw it she agreed! Oh that's the other difference, I couldn't smile in my passport photo either. So as a smiler, I was trying NOT to smile and it came out all weird. Sigh.

So any funny, bizarre travel or passport stories to share?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
That is insane a two week old baby passport! Our two older girls have their Canadian citizenship and their cards have photos of them when they were a year old! So those will have to be updated at some point. Guess there's a reason why children's passports are only good for five years, eh?
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    8Theresa Gould
    Me too!
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