Car Seats & Safety

I wanted to get an opinion. Something has been bothering me for weeks and I want to see if anyone else had experienced any of this.

We have a safety issue that very few people have addressed and even though by law we are required to have a car seat when driving.

Here are my experiences and I am thinking about writing to the world about them: They may seem minor but they have really bothered me.

1. When I gave birth on June 24th of this year, my husband decided at last minute to install the car seat. We called AAA of Berks County (where I currently live) to get an inspection on the installation. It was our first time doing this. They said they couldn't inspect our seat until July 30th. So we called around and no one near by had an available appointment. My husband had to go all the way to York Hospital ( about 1.5 hours away)to get it inspected. I'm thinking every hospital should have a program like this and offer it to all new parents.

2. The first two weeks after giving birth I couldn't drive. I had a bunch of doctors appointments and my husband couldn't take me because of his work schedule. I ended up having to take Taxis. None of the Taxis have suitable car seats. I had to use mine and try to put in the cab. It was really scary. I hope I never have to use a cab again with an infant. I found the Taxi drivers to not be very helpful either. The area I currently live in doesn't have a car service. Car services tend to be a lot better than Taxis.

3. During this hail storm, my car was destroyed and need a lot of body work. I had to rent a car from Hertz. I called and reserved a Car seat weeks in advance. They didn't have the car seat ready when I came to pick up my car. Keep in mind I called and request it weeks in advance and check with them a few days before. They have to dig a car seat out of the storage area and it wasn't in a good condition. Here is an email I wrote them:
" I am very concerned and wanted to bring this to your attention. My car was damaged in a hail storm. I had a rent a car through your agency. I am renting from the Hertz by the Reading, PA Airport. My concern is in regards to child car seats. I reserved my car weeks in advance and even called several times to let them know I need an infant seat. When I got to the rental agency, it took them a while to get a car seat for me. They had to dig in storage. They only had one car seat. It wasn't in the best condition in fact it is in very poor condition. It doesn't support my infant correctly. I was shocked that a national rental agency would have such a disregard for safety. I called back the location I rented from to see if they had another car seat and they did not. If someone else with a small child was to rent from the same location, they wouldn't have a car seat. This is something I wanted to bring to your attention."

Anyway, what is everyone's thoughts on the subject?

It didn't get hurt in the storm. I had in professionally installed and I was afraid to install it in a car I'm not familiar with, My husband is going to put it in the rental tomorrow or at the least try. It is a huge safety issue and I can't sleep thinking about it.