Co-sleep or Not to Co-sleep

It is funny how much hype there is against co-sleeping. It has become the new great debate. The cons with oh it is so dangerous you could roll on your child and smother them. This is my thoughts on the matter take them for what they are worth or leave but let's see how many breast feeding moms sleep with their little bundles....
For me sleeping with a new baby is the most natural thing in the world. It has been done since the dawn of man and woman. It has come to recent light that co sleeping May even reduce the risk of SIDS because most moms are hyper aware of their kids movements and breathing even in sleep. It is one of the most rewarding ways to strengthen the bond between you and your baby. I think if more moms co slept with their kids we would see an even higher success rate in not just breast feeding but long term breast feeding.
For those that feel it puts a baby in danger I rebutted with this what mom in their right mind would turn their backs to their baby and if you are afraid dad could roll on them well then moms sleep in the middle.
Just food for thought let me know what you think

4Sarah TorreyWells, Maine
    4Kelly Graham
    I had my baby in bed with me often, always worried that he/she could get smothered or my husband might roll on him. I was very careful, but it is so much easier to breast feed with you baby right next to you. I was tired had to recovery from a c section. So to help me not worry I got a pack n play that was made to go right next to the bed. No more worries after that. 3 babies later and all was great. I have heard horror stories about moms rolling onto their babies and smothering them. How horrible to have to live with that. I would say just be careful. Mother usually knows best.
    4Sarah Torrey
    I have co slept with all my kids, I guess because I am such a light sleeper it works for me. I have never had to worry about rolling on them because if I need to roll over I move them with me. Plus I am highly sensitive to any lumps In my bed, makes camping suck but I don't know how anyone could roll on their baby and not feel the baby. My hospital that I delivered my three youngest at has even started promoting co sleeping as part of the skin to skin nurturing. It depends on the mom
      There are different ways to have your baby sleep with you also using a bassinet or those side beds for baby work great for breast feeding moms. I have co slept during the winter a few times and had her sleep in the bassinet, we have now transitioned to the crib.