Getting a not so good sleeper to sleep on his own.

Hello Momma's. So I have an issue with my 6yr old. He has never been a good sleeper. Always wakes up in the middle of the night and always has. He was never a good self soother. I always had to lay with him and still do till he falls asleep. With summer our schedule is more lax and bedtime has gotten later...especially now that I am a stay at home mom now but I want to try to get him in the habit of going in his room...reading him a book have some cuddle time and then leave for him to fall asleep on his own. We recently moved again a month ago...(poor kid has had to move four times in his short little life) so I know that is part of it. There have been a few nights where he fell asleep but I had to leave the dog in there and the lights on. He also slept through the night the nights the dog slept with him...however the past 2 nights he has asked to sleep in bed with my husband and I. Do not get me wrong I live the snuggle time but also miss going to bed the same time as my husband. Is anyone else going through this? Does anyone else have a 6yr old who can not fall asleep on their own? Also if you did some pointers on how to break it. My 1yr old has no problem falling asleep on his own. I Just goes to show how different kids are.
Thanks Momma's

    Thank you Tabitha. I am so torn because I know there is a day where they will not want us at all in their rooms and the cuddles will stop but at the same time I need some me time. Lol. Last night my oldest slept with us in a king size bed and he kept kicking,and draping himslef over me...needless to say I did not sleep well between my husband snoring in my ear and the heat of both of them. Lol.