It's Wednesday and the second day of school

All in all the kids first day of school went pretty good. The boys were the one's having a problem with going back to school and ended up having a good day at school. The kids were complaining that they had homework on their first day of school but I told them they are back in school now and need to get use to having homework. The girls did good too, Emily was the most excited about going back to school so I had no complaints from her, she met a new friend yesterday too she told me that she went to another school last year that's why she didn't know her yet but they ate lunch together with some of Emily's friends and Emily introduced her new friend to her other friend's and they all seem to be friend's now, Emily's good about making new friend's and said she likes her new friend. Sara was so-so about wanting to go back to school she didn't want to go yesterday but was excited when we went to her open house at her school, I think she'll get over it. Chloe had a great first day at preschool yesterday, I took her into her classroom and talked to her teacher for a minute before leaving her there, she was playing with another girl when I went to pick her up and looks like she's making a few friends. Jordan wasn't happy about starting school, he prefers summer vacation but he'll get over this whiney stage of going back to school and settle in fine, Jason and Aiden were ok with going back, Jason already has some friends in his class from last year so he was fine once he got there, Aiden was ok with going back but wanted to go home with me. Nick, Cody and Aubrey are still waiting for their first day of school but it'll come soon enough, it's easier only having three at home during the day now I have my morning's back and the kids are in school. All in all everything went pretty good with their first day of school, now their second day is in full swing and we are getting back into a routine. I don't expect them to be fully in school mode for another week or two. Emily is cheerleading and they are putting her on the varsity team, her coach told her that she loved her practices and thinks she's ready for varsity, she'll also be playing volleyball. She's my athlete so far maybe her brother's and sister's will get into it too, she says she likes cheerleading the best.

So we're in full school mode now and I'm liking it but missing my days where I can sleep in. Hope you ladies have a great Wednesday.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
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    9Michelle Fritch
    I know it Debi, feels much easier with only having three of them during school hours instead of all nine of them.
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