Naptime.. Oy!

Mamas.. I am struggling to still get Monroe on a nap schedule.. maybe it's because we are out n about so much.. maybe it's because he sleeps all night (totally fine with that trade off) but I know he is much happier with a solid nap during the day. I try to tune into sleepy cues and lay him down.. but he cat naps! Anything else I could try?

    Keep him alert for a couple hours then make it dim and quiet an hour before nap time. How many naps does he take during the day?
      I know a lot of babies who would rather take smaller, more frequent naps rather than one large nap in the middle of the day. It could just be that this is a more comfortable format for him. If not, then a good napping schedule and naptime routine help a lot. Just like bedtime, choose a small routine that helps him recognize that it's about to be naptime. Keep him awake and active as much as possible but he is still an infant, it might be better if you split it into two naps each day. That is what I did with my daughter. One in the late morning and one in the afternoon. Once she was about 1 1/2 or so, I dwindled it down to one nap a day.
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